5 Online Directories - You Need to Claim These Business Listings Now

Claiming these business listings is essential, and quite frankly, just the start. Claiming and verifying your listings will help your local SEO.

Mar 06, 2017 Local SEO

Years ago, the primary concern of small business owners was ensuring that their address and phone number was accurate for the phone book. However, today, it is all about local business listings. Unfortunately, there are so many of them that it can literally cause your head to spin to try to keep up with them all. It is virtually impossible to keep up with all of the business listings. However, it is possible to be smart in developing a strategy that will claim and maintain the most important listings for your business. But, first, you must determine which ones are most worth your time and effort. Here are the five online directories that you need to get started with:

#1: Google My Business

Google, the search engine giant, is obviously where you need to start. It has a small business listing service called Google My Business, and this is where you need to claim and add your business first. Once claimed and added, your business information (address, contact information and business services will begin popping up on Google Maps, Google+ and even search engine results. Essentially, Google My Business can be compared to a storefront on Main Street - the results are very similar.

#2: Bing Place for Business

It's not just the big search engine giant that you need to work with, as you also need to work with the second-most popular search engine: Bing. Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't also throw in the other major search engine (Yahoo), but Microsoft's search engine is a big player and deserves your main focus right now. On Bing Places, you will be able to claim your listing, add your business details and watch the magic happen. Visit bingplaces.com and simply follow the step-by-step directions provided to you.

#3: MapQuest

Surprisingly, the most popular geo-mapping service online offers a business listing service that you can benefit from. By listing on MapQuest, your customers will be able to find you when they're in the local vicinity and while driving down the road. A basic MapQuest business listing includes NAP (name, address and phone number), your website, longitude and latitude, as well as a few business categories. In order to get your company listed on MapQuest, you need to shoot their support team an e-mail by visiting this link: help.mapquest.com.

#4: YP.com

While everything was once about flipping through the Yellow Pages in a traditional phone book, things are much more digital than that today. However, this doesn't mean that people don't still utilize the Yellow Pages. In fact, many people still consider it as a go-to resource when they need to find information for a particular business. The only difference than several years ago is that people head online rather than to a thick book of paper.

#5: Yelp

Yelp is one of those online directories that tends to get a bad reputation with small business owners due to the unfair and potentially biased reviews that customers tend to leave on the website. However, Yelp has the potential to help your business to soar to new heights in terms of traffic, so it is important that you use it to your advantage. This means you need to claim your listing and get your business added to the directory by visiting biz.yelp.com. But, once you do this, make sure to spend some quality time on the site monitoring your page so that you can address any concerns or problems with your customers.

Trying to keep up with just these five online directories can be time-consuming, then when you try to throw in all the other ones on top of them - well, that can be overwhelming. Luckily, you can hand over the reins to us here at WebDetail. We can claim the listings for you, keep them updated and even monitor your reviews and feedback. For more information on how we can help, call us today!

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