Digital Marketing: 3 Effective Retargeting Tactics to Put to Use

Retargeting is great for virtually any business that is looking to gain visibility and traffic and to help boost conversions.

Oct 09, 2017 Digital Marketing

When one of my clients in search advertising comes to me and asks what they can do in terms of digital advertising space, the one thing that comes to mind first is retargeting. This is the perfect way to enhance search advertising, particularly if you are someone who offers expensive services and/or products – like interior design services, private schools, summer vacation packages, etc.

With that being said, retargeting is great for virtually any business that is looking to gain visibility and traffic from interested prospects that can essentially help to boost conversions (such as calls). In today’s day and age, there are many options available when it comes to retargeting. In fact, here are a few of the most widely used and effective:

Search Retargeting

When it comes to retargeting, the only purpose is not to keep your brand at the forefront of a customer’s mind when visiting websites. It is also about boosting the effectiveness of all search advertising efforts. But how?

With search retargeting, businesses are allowed to show advertisements to their customers that recently performed a relevant search query on Google, Bing or Yahoo. You can essentially piggyback your advertisement on these queries so that they can display on sites to individuals who have searched for relevant terms once they remove themselves from Google, Bing or Yahoo.

As with any type of retargeting approach, it is very important that you focus on targeting people that are within a very specific geographic area, if necessary. For example, if most of your conversions come from within a 20-mile radius of your business, then you need to make sure this same type of targeting is applied to your retargeting campaign.

Site Retargeting

Research shows that 98 percent of consumers will leave a website before converting. This shows just how important it is for your website to incorporate site retargeting into a digital marketing campaign.

Site retargeting is a very well-established and familiar remarketing method. The most popular setup is the following:

  • You will install a small amount of code on your website.
  • This code will drop a pixel onto visiting site traffic.
  • A creative banner will show in front of website visitors on an assortment of websites once they leave your company website.

It doesn’t matter if your traffic is coming to your site via directory listings, social media, pay-per-click advertisements or organic search results, the site pixel can drop and retarget your visitors with your ad once they leave your page and begin browsing the internet via their mobile devices or on their desktop computers.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook is an excellent channel that can be used to retarget visitors. The social media network works very similar to the way that site retargeting works. The primary difference is the location of where the advertisements are displayed. Advertising on Facebook provides you with the benefit of clean and clear ads that will huddle in with various other content (except yours will have that little “Sponsored” label). These advertisements can appear on both desktops and mobile devices.

Facebook users are generally accustomed to viewing articles and posts that are branded. So, being on Facebook, there is a higher chance that your prospects will click on your content. However, unlike niche blogs or news sites, users on social media networks tend to scroll relatively quickly through their feeds (and the content), which means that you need to ensure that your content is visually-appealing and eye-catching so that it stands out in the incredibly busy news feed.

Tips for Your Display Ads

Facebook and banner advertisements are excellent when it comes to emphasizing temporary promotions, special events, and even new products/services. We have seen some fantastic results from advertisements that offer a small discount on products from our clients’ prospects.

With search and site retargeting, it is vital that you use varying sizes of advertisements. At WebDetail, we generally use somewhere between five and eight different banner sizes (sometimes with slight variations). Of course, today, you must not only consider sizes for desktop browsers, but you must also consider sizes for mobile devices. At the same time, advertisements for Facebook require a specific size, though they will be able to stand out with a persuasive message and a strong call to action.

The aforementioned retargeting tactics are great additions to your search engine marketing campaign and can really help you lure prospects to your site where they can convert. For more information, reach out to us here at WebDetail. 

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