Facebook Still Dominates Social Media Market; How You Can Use It To Your Advantage

Oct 17, 2016 Social Media Marketing

According to most recent statistics, Facebook is still the "King of the Hill" in the social media world. Among millennials (18- to 34-year-olds), Facebook appears to literally leave the other social networks in the dust in terms of reach as well as engagement. Plus, Facebook was the most popular social network in 2015 around the world, followed by YouTube and Twitter. So, with Facebook still being just as popular as it has ever been, you need to know what you can do to use this social media network to your advantage. Here are a few ideas:

Give Potential Fans a Reason To “Like” Your Page.

While there will be some people out there that will want to “like” your page in order to stay abreast on the latest news regarding your products and/or services, others will want to be encouraged to “like” your page. One way to do this is to give them something in return for “liking” your page, as this will help to increase conversation rates. You can try offering coupons, free trials or specialized information to fans only.

Insert Pictures in Your Updates.

You use links to get your point across on Twitter. However, on Facebook, you need to utilize images. More of your fans are going to be interested in seeing a picture than a block of text. So, whenever possible, always include pictures in your status updates. When using pictures, try to get up close and personal by cropping them to ensure that you are showing your fans exactly what you want them to see rather than the unnecessary clutter.

Get Your Fans to Join in on the Conversation.

The great thing about social media is that you aren’t in it alone. Your fans are a huge part of it, so get them involved. When you post a status update, make sure that you are posting something at the end of it that will get them engaged and talking. Ask questions of your fans and create simple conversational contests that are based around your products.

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