Google Adwords is Redesigning and Upgrading

Google says that one reason that they redesigned Adwords is that location-based mobile searches are increasing twice as fast than all mobile searches.

Feb 27, 2017 Digital Marketing

Redesigned AdWords: What Does This Mean for You?

At May’s Performance Summit, Google made an announcement that they had completely redesigned AdWords and taken into consideration how everything functioned from bidding and measurement to overall workflow. This new redesign will improve the connectivity that marketers have with the digital and physical worlds. This is important with the role that smartphones play in everyone’s lives today and the increase of mobile marketing.

Google says that one reason that they made this change is because that location-based mobile searches are growing are increasing twice as fast than all mobile searches, so it is painfully obvious that consumers are moving back-and-forth between experiences online and offline. Therefore, it is crucial that they help marketers think in this same way.

The largest adjustment that marketers will see with this new AdWords change is the lengthened text advertisements. This change will allow marketers more space to display information about products and services. Another change that was discussed was in relation to the bidding process, which will roll out over the next several months. It will allow individual bids to be set on devices, including desktops, tablets and mobiles. This allows for marketers to anchor base keywords bids on particular devices as well as settings adjustments for others. This improves flexibility for device optimization for marketers.

In trying to connect the digital and physical worlds, Google is also adding promoted pins to Google Maps. These are beneficial as they will provide a much more customized experience for users when they’re searching for local products and services. How do they work? Well, users that use Maps will begin to see promoted pins pop up for nearby gas stations, cafes, coffee shops, etc. as they are driving along their usual route. These local businesses will have the opportunity to display special offers and product inventory to consumers in an effort to draw consumers in.

In addition to all of the above, there is also a new AdWords adjustment known as A/B testing, which will allow marketers to test longer call-to-actions, show full product titles in descriptions, and more. You never know whether something works for click-throughs or conversations until you try it, and this A/B testing change will allow you to do just that. This is a very important step in mobile-friendly technological advancements and staying competitive in this new digital-physical world.

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