YouTube: Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Jul 11, 2016 Video Marketing

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, coming in only behind Google. It receives close to one billion unique visitors who watch a total of four billion hours on a monthly basis.

Your marketing strategy may include social networking, blogging and everything else in between, but not everyone likes to engage in discussions or read blogs. Some people prefer to watch videos to receive their information.

What YouTube Video Marketing Gets You

When you decide to use YouTube for video marketing, you will:

  1. Gain Visibility – This occurs because you will start showing up in search engine results.
  2. Gain Traffic – As long as you create interesting and compelling titles and videos, you will encourage watchers to click on the link and visit your website.
  3. Gain Legitimacy – Since you will be putting a face to your company’s brand, trust will be instilled in customers.
  4. Gain Coverage – Since YouTube is one of the largest search engines with 800 million unique visitors each month.
  5. Find Buyers Ready to Buy – Research suggests that almost 65 percent of individuals that are interested in a product or service are more likely to buy it  after watching a short video.

About Videos and How They Help

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, so just how many words is a video worth? To be honest, a number of words can’t even be put on the worth of a video. Videos are informative, visual and entertaining (well, they should be!). If you use unique and relevant content, your audience will be engaged giving them a reason to not only subscribe to your channel but also to visit your website, leading to a potential sale.

With the massive audience of YouTube and the emotional power that video marketing holds, you can have the ability to reach millions of users in your vicinity, across the country and around the entire world. Using YouTube to market your business is one of the best ways to connect with a fast-growing audience and build an online presence for your business. 

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