FAQ Page: Yet Another Marketing Opportunity

FAQ Page: Yet Another Marketing Opportunity
Oct 11, 2017 Web Design

FAQ Page: The Marketing Opportunity You Could Be Missing Out On

When the attention span of your audience starts to shrink, it becomes that much more difficult for you to get your message across to them. Even if you are lucky enough to get them to your website, there is a good chance that they won't stay there for very long. When your homepage is not designed well, it could stop visitors in their tracks. This is why just one single marketing trick can really make all the difference in the world. By adding a link to your FAQ page on your homepage, you can lead visitors straight to your brand's story.

In all the work we have done here at WebDetail, this is one marketing trick that never seems to fail. Many businesses tend to believe that FAQ pages are for e-commerce stores, consumer products, and customer service departments. Of course, this is true, but they can also be used to help direct your website visitors to particular selling points that you want them to see.

Essentially, that FAQ link on your homepage is like a big neon light is saying "Click Me!". It serves as a cheat sheet for your clients/consumers. By placing it directly in their path, you will be nudging them in the direction of the story that you are wanting to tell regardless of your services or products.

Here are four tips to ensure that you Frequently Asked Questions page is ready to go when the new traffic starts pouring in:

Tip #1: Go Above and Beyond Answering Questions.

You probably see the FAQ page as an area where you can answer questions. However, you should view it as much more than that. You can use it as an area to begin a conversation, make points and expand on your brand's mission.

As an example, if you have a question on your FAQ page that asks about a product with the lowest calorie number. You don't want to just come back with a plain and simple answer that says that the "strawberry flavor has 25 calories. Instead, you want to talk about how all of your products have no fillers and little added sugars. In addition, you can touch on the fact that your flavors are far lower in calories than just about all desserts available in the market. Then, you can answer the question stating that the strawberry flavor has only 25 calories.

Tip #2: Make Sure to Answer Questions You Want Your Audience to Ask.

While you should focus on the questions that are frequently asked by customers (and ensure you are answering them honestly), you should also add some questions that repeat you brand position and highlight your selling points. Focus on some questions that will set you apart from your competition. Add questions that will take your prospects from considering buying your product to definitely buying it.

Also, take care in the order in which you list your questions. Believe it or not, it really does matter. List them in the order in which you believe will best grab their attention and the ones that will keep them reading as well as the ones that provide the best opportunity to tell your story.

Tip #3: Lead Your Visitors to Other Pages on the Website.

Not only is it going to be great for SEO purposes, but taking the time to link to some of your other pages on your website within your FAQ answers is going to help keep visitors on the website for longer periods of time. You will want to make sure you are using certain phrasing that will help guide them toward purchases that are specific to their needs or maintain engagement with your story.

For instance, you may want to add a FAQ about whether you have any case studies or testimonials. You could then guide them toward your testimonial page.

Tip #4: Show That You're The Expert/Leader.

While this may lean more towards writers and consultants, the FAQ page is an important area where you have the ability to write detailed and specific information relevant to your industry while also being able to position yourself as an industry leader/expert. Start at the beginning and explain the ins and outs as well as why your product is the top of the line. Consider linking to various blog posts that demonstrate your extensive knowledge of the industry as well as links to any awards that you or your company has previously received.

For more information or for assistance getting a FAQ page up and running, reach out to our professional team at WebDetail.