Video Marketing

Did you know that video traffic for consumers will rise to more than 80 percent by 2020?!


You have been working extra hard to implement new marketing campaigns that you developed at the end of last year and the very beginning of this year. You have likely had time to determine whether you set the right goals and if you are utilizing the best tools to realize those goals.

The real thing that you need to be asking yourself is whether or not you included video as part of your marketing strategy. It isn't too late to put the power of video to good use for your business.

Video Marketing

Video Can Help in Dominating Your Marketing Goals.

One of the primary messages regarding videos is that they are not silver bullets. Videos alone will not grow your business. However, if you use video in a strategic way in order to accomplish business goals, then you can realize significant returns. Here are a few specific examples:

  • You can increase the opportunity of a first page Google result by as much as 53 times by simply adding a video to your company website.
  • Utilizing videos in e-mail marketing has proven to be quite successful with click-through rates -- by doubling them!
  • Video conversion rates are able to outperform various forms of other marketing content consistently, according to more than 70 percent of marketers.
  • Compared to text-only social posts, blogs, etc. audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with video content.

As you can see, if you know what your marketing goals are that you need and want to achieve, video has the ability to get you there.

Video Isn't Just the Top of Your Funnel Anymore.

More often than not, companies think that they can make some explainer videos and stop with the video marketing right there. However, businesses can use video through many other stages throughout a buyer's journey. Video can help educate a buyer, help them gain trust in a brand, and move them toward purchasing a product or service much faster.

Videos for the Top of the Funnel

To improve your conversions, videos at the awareness stage are always a great way to do it. For example, ExactTarget implemented video content on their site and experienced a decrease in their bounce rate and a 100 percent increase of user's average time spent on their website. Another example, Limelight Networks saw their bounce rate basically evaporate and the company's unique visitor count increased twofold basically overnight.

Videos for the Middle of the Funnel

This is considered the consideration stage, which is where buyers make their purchase decision. This sounds like a big deal, yet many businesses fail to use video to remain in touch with their customers. This is a huge mistake. Zappos decided to add some product demo videos to some of their product pages. When they did, they noticed a 30 percent increase in sales. Those videos definitely paid off.

Videos for the Bottom of the Funnel

Just because your customers have already purchased from you doesn't mean that they won't purchase again and won't appreciate some continued engagement from you via video content. For example, IKEA utilizes video by showing instructional how-to content for building their furniture.

Video is important at each and every stage of a buyer's journey. The more places that you put quality video in the funnel, the easier you are making it for your buyers to move through the purchasing path.

Video Increases Emotions.

Video is one of the best ways to get people to connect, care about and remember your brand. Here are a few statistics to keep in mind:

  • Studies show that video material create more positive emotion and a better overall learning performance than text.
  • Videos tend to be presented in story formats, and studies show that stories are more than 20 times more memorable that simple facts.
  • A viewer's purchasing decisions can be impacted by positive emotions that are a result of watching a video.
  • The human brain has the ability to process visuals (video) 60,000 times faster than text.

In other words, these statistics are telling you that a well pull together video can trigger the human mind in a way that text and images are unable to.

Your Competition Is Already Ahead of You with Video.

Unfortunately, video marketing isn't a secret and it hasn't been for a little while. In fact:

  • More than 50 percent of marketing experts say that video has the best return on investment (ROI).
  • More than three-fourths of marketers plan to utilize video to give their brand awareness campaigns a much-needed boost.
  • More than 95 percent of B2B companies plan to put video to use in their content marketing strategies over the next 12 months.

With that being said, can your business afford to be left behind?

The Time is Now for Video Content.

Were you aware that video traffic for consumers will rise from 64 percent in 2014 to more than 80 percent by 2019? That's less than two years away. But there is no cause for alarm, we can help you with your video production and marketing needs. Call or email us for a free consult to discuss the best ways to get started.

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