3 Tactics To Help You Maximize Your Website User Experience

3 Tactics To Help You Maximize Your Website User Experience
Nov 28, 2017 Web Design

The World Wide Web is continuously evolving and growing. As a result, it seems like everything and everyone has a presence online. When it comes to capturing someone’s attention, there is a very small window of opportunity. Therefore, it is more important than ever that you focus on a positive website user experience. It needs to be inspirational, unique, enjoyable, graceful and satisfying.

Why the User Experience Matters

An optimal user experience (UX) design has shown to keep users on a page for an extended period of time, while also increasing the chance that they will come back to your website again in the future. If your audience is engaged with what you provide them on your site, there is a better chance that they are going to absorb the provided information, understand your brand, and take the time to peruse your products and/or services.

Imagine something for a moment: an individual coming into your storefront. What type of experience do you want them to have? A positive one, right? As more and more people and businesses transition to a digital presence, you want to ensure that they receive the same positive impression in your “webfront” that they would if they were to walk into your storefront.

The User Experience Package

What exactly is UX? User experience can simply be defined as the landscaping, interior decorating, and/or the ambiance of your online house. How do your guests (and yourself, of course) feel when there? Is it interesting and attractive? Does it offer a sense of security? Remember, when it comes to an effective UX package, it is not just about the style of the website, as it is also about the tone and content choice.

When the user experience is clumsy, it can result in visitors becoming confused, agitated and frustrated. It can also offer misleading information, lead to unintentional barriers, and/or waste time.

3 Critical User Experience Factors for Success

For the most part, there are three factors that tend to be the most important for developing a positive user experience package. These include the following:

  • Keep Things Simple – Start off simple and build off of that foundation. For example, look at your colors, images, and text – are they all truly necessary? You want to make sure that you are using relevant information as well as navigational tools, assigning clear and concise names for all of your pages, and offering calls to action that are easy and obvious. Just remember: less is almost always more.
  • Truly Care How Your Users Think – You may not be a psychic, but you can try to be. Step into your user’s shoes and see the world from their point of view. If you were to visit your website, how would you want to experience it. Tap into that and ask questions about the experience. Eliminate any distractions that may be awkward, as these will generally direct your visitors in the opposite direction of where you want them to go.
  • Be Bold. Be Innovative. – A good user experience on a website is not necessarily about each individual element working independently of each other; instead, it is about how they work together and how everything flows together. This is where the magic really happens. So, think about things like images of happy customers, utilizing new technologies, and using obscure photography.

Capitalize on the User Experience Advantage

As user experience becomes more important and gains momentum in the digital world, there will be more businesses that will begin to invest in their UX. This means that there will be more innovative ways that you can utilize to engage your audience. As user experience continues to evolve, the possibilities will grow. Don’t be afraid of them – be bold and take advantage!

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