Strategizing Content Delivery With Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Strategizing Content Delivery With Facebook’s Algorithm Change
Feb 05, 2018 Social Media Marketing

Online trends in social media are constantly changing, and one of the biggest changes in some time happened for Facebook in this past week.

You have have seen or heard rumblings surrounding an “algorithm change” in the past week.  While this phrase may seem a little intimidating and may have you recall tough math classes throughout high school or college, we’re here to help.

Essentially, Facebook has made a number of changes which will see end users viewing more content from personal connections rather than those from brands and businesses.  The algorithm in this context is an almost magical formula that Facebook utilizes that decides what users see and what they don’t see.

While before, it might have been easy for users to view content almost chronologically from your brand or business, now users will be seeing much more from their friends and other local personal sources.  In some cases, content from brand pages may be viewed more than 50% less.

Don’t fret though, we’re here to provide you with a number of strategies to ensure that the content that connects you to your audience will remain with them.  While standard publishing may not work as effectively after the algorithm change, we recommend many strategies that can keep you in touch and wanted to share three of them.

1. Facebook Groups

Groups are one of the best kept secrets of Facebook.  They contain a massive amount of engagement, continually show up in feeds, and will send users notifications of new posts and replies.

Creating a group that will not only promote your band, but also build a community around it is growing far more crucial.

2. Video Content

Videos are always a great way to ensure more engagement from your audience.  A few lines of text or even a photo won’t have the prominence that a movie will.  Not only will they be more visible, but Facebook often gives videos more prominence as well.

Facebook Live videos also are weighted heavily on Facebook’s algorithm.  Not only will replays have a high probability of being featured in the feed, but users who have liked your page will also receive a notification that you’ve gone live.

3. Boosted Posts

Of course, Facebook is always looking for a small cut and will be more than happy to have a few bucks in order to ensure that your post makes it to more eyes.  Their advertising platform does provide a good bang for the buck, which will also allow you to laser-target a specific audience who will receive your message.

Ready to implement some of these strategies to make sure that your content is reaching as many people, and more importantly, more of the right people as possible?  At WebDetail, we’ve been on top of this developing change, and are here to help.  Drop us a line and let’s strategize the right formula for your brand.