Why It’s Time To Take Encrypting Your Site Seriously

Why It’s Time To Take Encrypting Your Site Seriously
Feb 12, 2018 Digital Marketing

Google dropped a very big announcement this past week in their blog, informing developers that in July of 2018, the upcoming version of Chrome will display a notification that sites with ‘HTTP’ and not ‘HTTPS’ are not considered secure.

The search juggernaut has been making suggestions for users to move away from unsecured sites for some time now, but this is their biggest move yet in encouraging a more secure web.  With a 60%+ market share in the browser market, this change will undoubtedly cause waves on the web and force more site developers to take secure certificates more seriously.

Secure certificates grant sites the HTTPS designation, which essentially ensures that no one in the middle of an end user and a site can intercept traffic.  This is especially useful for ecommerce sites, guaranteeing security and privacy for anyone sending critical financial or personal information.

As more and more sites are able to present the HTTPS designation, it’s beginning to leave more unsecure sites out in the cold.  Moving more of our trusted clients over to secure designations has been a top priority for us at WebDetail, and this is a service we’ve begun to provide more to concerned site owners.

The process to install the necessary credentials for the HTTPS designation is streamlined for us at WebDetail, and we’d love to talk with you about ensuring that your site will still be trusted and viewable after the upcoming change for Google.