Geofencing: Event Marketing and Targeting

Geofencing: Event Marketing and Targeting
Oct 21, 2019 Digital Marketing

Event targeting is utilizing to build an audience that is based on a geofence during a specific time window and date of an event and then advertise to that audience. These customers do not need to be in attendance of the event in order to reach them. With WebDetail’s geofencing marketing solution, you will be able to realize over 97 percent in advertising efficiencies as opposed to advertising utilizing a one-mile radius targeting.

You can utilize an assortment of ideal locations for your geofence including:

  • Arenas
  • Stadiums
  • Buildings
  • Trade Shows
  • Convention Centers
  • Festivals
  • Parks

Location-Based Advertising

Our geofencing technology permits retailers and franchises to target individuals based on their physical locations. We are able to build geofences based on where your customers are located as opposed to where you ultimately want them to be. Regardless of whether it is a physical building, a particular event, or something else entirely that you want to have geofenced, it can be an incredibly mechanism to serve advertisements to individuals based on their physical location.

Does Advertising Actually Produce Store Walk-Ins?

The geofencing technology has the ability to track who has seen your advertisements and determine whether they have physically entered your store. Conversion zones can be incredibly powerful in tracking your online advertising as they compare to your offline conversions—the individuals who physically went to a certain location due to seeing your advertisements.

Geofencing Benefits

  • The only requirement is that mobile devices need location services turned on
  • 90 percent of individuals generally have location services switched on
  • Physical beacons are not required
  • Granular localization via custom sizes and shapes
  • Capability for location file export and import
  • Target location event attendees or visitors for one day to 30 days
  • Serve advertisements across 600,000 apps that we have access to
  • Retarget customers who commute through or visit geofenced locations

Our Advantages

  • Self-contained, turnkey solution for event targeting
  • Granularity to the hour
  • Solution that builds audiences based on physical locations during certain time and date windows
  • Audiences are reusable and portable
  • Process is fully automated for the operation of event targeting campaigns for single/multiple locations, times, and dates

How Does Event Targeting Work?

A virtual geofence is essentially “traced” around a specific location where an advertiser wishes to build an audience based on a visit to that specific location during a pre-determined, scheduled timeframe. Once a customer enters that geofenced location during that specific timeframe, the customer will become part of the audience that can be targeted later on after the event.

Geozone Conversion Reporting

We have the capability of tracking online and offline conversions, such as individuals who come back to your store, restaurant, desired location, etc.

If you are using our location-based technology to your advantage to communicate and reach your audience, get in touch with us on how we can help you put together a geofencing campaign that is tailored to your business goals. If you are not currently using geofencing to your advantage, now is the time to do it. It may be the one thing that puts your business above your competitors. Contact us at WebDetail to learn more.