Why It Is Important For Your Small Business To Have A Strong Brand

Why It Is Important For Your Small Business To Have A Strong Brand
Jul 05, 2022 Company Branding

While good branding can provide a memorable logo, it can also do many other things, such as increase a company’s value, offer motivation and direction for employees, and make it easier to acquire new customers. So, this begs the question—what is a brand?

Ultimately, a brand is everything.

A brand essential represents the way that people perceive a company’s logo, advertising, reputation, and customer service combined. When these components work well together, a company’s brand is ultimately healthy.

As a business owner, to reach your goals, you need to get the word out about your business. By increasing your brand, your company will get much-needed attention, attract customers, and build trust.

Keep reading to learn the importance of a strong brand for your small business.

Branding Can Improve Recognition

Among the main components of a company brand is the logo due to the fact it serves as the face of an organization. The logo is what the consumers recognize instantly. A professional design of a logo will be simple enough for consumers to remember but also powerful enough to give off the desired impression of a business.

Take the business Discover, Learn & Grow for example. The company’s existing logo wasn’t delivering the impression that they wanted, so they turned to a design firm to help them. The new logo delivered a modern and positive design that portrayed growth and development. The design team added “early learning center” to the logo to ensure that consumers would be aware of the programming and services that the company offered. The new logo was memorable and powerful.

Brands Can Create Trust

Individuals tend to be more likely to buy from businesses that appear to be put together and legitimate, and families must feel comfortable before they fully commit to a childcare facility. With that being said, the design team for Discover, Learn & Grow used the newly designed logo on business cards, the building, staff shirts, and more to achieve a professional image. In doing so, consumers were able to better identify the organization as a trusted education center.

Apart from simply designing the logo, the team also helped the company improve their site with solid content that helped to answer questions that parents may have. To help establish credibility, staff biographies are on the website, along with their certifications. The website appears similar to the logo in terms of feel and colors.

Branding Can Support Advertising

Another component of a brand is advertising. The chosen medium and the targeted demographic can help with the building of a brand. To help stand out from your competition, you will want to add your logo to all advertising material, such as printed materials, packaging, apparel, and more.

With Discover, Learn & Grow, the company hosted birthday parties, so the logo was also added to goody bags for kids, offering another brand impression, which would then essentially turn into free advertising.

Branding Can Build Financial Value

Companies that publicly trade on the stock exchange tend to be valued at many times the actual assets of a company. A significant amount of this value is a result of the company’s branding, and a strong brand generally promises business in the future.

Regardless of whether the company is able to roll out an IPO or borrow money for an expansion, the process will be far more beneficial for the business owner if it is perceived as more valuable. The greater the company’s commitment to building its overall brand value, the better the financial return will be from its efforts.

Branding Can Inspire Staff

A number of employees require more than work; they require something that they can work toward. When staff members understand the business’s mission and why it exists, they will be far more likely to fee the same pride and work toward the same direction in order to achieve the goals that have been set by the owner of the business. By having a solid brand, you will essentially be waving a flag around for everyone to see.

Branding Can Generate New Customers

Branding is also great at helping companies get word-of-mouth referrals. Think about it for just a moment. If a customer or client is unable to remember the brand of a company, would they be able to tell a friend about it? This is why profitable companies—regardless of size—have a single thing in common. They have all established themselves as leaders in their industries by building strong brands, which begins with strong logos.

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