How WebDetail’s Duplicate Suppression Can Give Your Local Search Ranking a Boost

How WebDetail’s Duplicate Suppression Can Give Your Local Search Ranking a Boost
Mar 13, 2017 Local SEO

When it comes to local SEO, there is a lot of effort put into your strategy. Unfortunately, duplicate listings can quickly derail your hard work.

What Is a Duplicate Listing?

A duplicate listing is when more than one listing appears in a single database or directory, such as Yelp or Manta or the like. This is especially likely if you have moved recently. Having multiple listings can damage to your business’s credibility. It also sends mixed signals to search engine crawlers, resulting in a harmful blow to your citation consistency. Since “near me” searches are incredibly popular right now, it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure that location data is correct and consistent across the web. To provide businesses a solution for this, WebDetail a program called Duplicate Suppression, as part of the Local SEO campaign.

What Is Duplicate Suppression?

Duplicate Suppression is a program that utilizes patented technology that leverages proprietary publisher API integrations to automatically recognize possible duplicate listings. The program then flags these duplicates so that they can be reviewed and businesses can choose to suppress those duplicates permanently, as this is the most effective – and only real – way to solve the issue at hand.

Recent Case Study Results

In order to examine the impact that the Duplicate Suppression program has on local rankings, a case study was conducted with a restaurant chain. Over the course of 90 days, the local search results on Google were tracked for 1,256 of the restaurant chains locations in the United States prior to and following duplicate suppression. This was done with 50 non-branded relevant keyword phrases, such as “miami beach restaurants”.

By utilizing the Duplicate Suppression program, the restaurant chain was able to secure a 20 percent increase in local search results for its locations. Thanks to the Duplicate Suppression, this search engine ranking improvement shows just how important consistent citations in directories are, especially when it comes to Google local search rankings. Keep in mind that this is true whether the consistencies are due to duplicate listings or any other type of issue - such as different phone numbers or address discrepencies.

How Does It Work?

Over 55,000 searches were tracked every week in order to examine the restaurant chain’s locations presences in Google local search results for each of the 50 keyword phrases. Prior to the Duplicate Suppression process, there was baseline data recorded. Then, there were two rounds of Duplicate Suppression that were conducted over the course of 90 days. These took place at the beginning of the case study and then halfway through the study. Overall, there were 8,115 duplicate listings that were suppressed across 37 different publishers – not on Google, but on publishers that are within the campaign.

For more information on WebDetail’s Duplication Suppression program and how it can help give your business’s local search rankings a much-needed boost, reach out to us – the sooner, the better, especially for your local search strategy. If you are curious about your listings, do a quick search. Yep, it's free :)