The Power of Brand Advocacy

The Power of Brand Advocacy
Jun 28, 2017 Video Marketing

A new brand may have fantastic and amazing product or service, but as a freshly established business they’re missing the main ingredient: Fans.  

Passionate fans of a brand are the bread and butter of success.  They evangelize the company, generate positive word of mouth, and most importantly generate revenue.  As a passionate advocate of your work, they are often times more than glad to do this for free.

A Classic Example

Take for example the classic video game company Nintendo.  As a beloved company full of instantly recognizable games and characters, they enjoy the support of millions of advocates around the world.

It doesn’t take much for their fans to recommend the hardware and software from the company to friends and family.  They’ll also be among the first to purchase new products and give them glowing reviews on blogs and social media.

But let’s face it.  Not many companies have the heft of a big brand like Nintendo.  The trick is generating this passion from a grass roots level.  In this case, networking is key.

Taking the First Steps

First of all, there’s traditional networking to take advantage of.  Friends and family already act as a support network, and they’re likely more than happy to help spread the word of your hard work.   

Crafting the right message to send them can go a long way in each person you know being able to reach out to their network at their school, church, workplace, or other social circle.

Building and Organizing Your Network

With that, you’ve got the first steps taken care of.  Now what?  The next steps involve organizing that fledging support group in social media.  Facebook Groups, hashtags, group chats, and many other functions can help organize and manage this support network.  

From that point, it’s a matter of strategizing the right methods to keep your most passionate supporters and fans engaged and on task.  It also involves rewarding them in ways that keeps them close to your goals.

Once your support network is in a place you’re comfortable with, it’s time to activate it.  Your fans and supporters should be more than glad to help spread news about products, promotions, and other marketing efforts.  The word of mouth and marketing advocacy that this well-developed network can bring will often be far more productive than any internal effort.

The thing about building a brand advocacy network is that the first steps are easy.  The remaining take some care and thought.  Ready to have your own advocate in your corner to help?  That’s where WebDetail comes in.