Promoting Your Brand on a Holiday the Right Way

Promoting Your Brand on a Holiday the Right Way
Jul 04, 2017 Video Marketing

Promoting a brand around a long holiday weekend can be very tricky.

Not only do you want to catch potential customers while they’re out and about and enjoying their time with friends and family, but you’d also like to present them with a relevant message that will remain sticky.

Independence Day in the United States presents its own set of challenges in this regard. Most web viewers will be out at the pool, in the backyard at the grill, or perhaps even at the beach with their family. How do you get in a message that celebrates the holiday, catches your demographic, and still presses a message within your ad campaign?

Much of this takes some reverse psychology.

Don’t think of yourself as a brand, think of yourself as a participant. If you’re out enjoying the holiday with friends and family, when are the downtimes that you’re checking your device? There’s inevitably a boring moment or two when you’re checking your Facebook feed to see what your other friends are up to on their vacations or barbeques.

In my case, I’m usually checking my social media feeds the morning of a summer holiday as I’m prepping everything for travel or a backyard party. I’d love to see what my other friends are up to on their travels and perhaps make a fun joke at their expense in the comments. Even on social media, there’s a celebratory mood in the air that has everyone in good spirits. Scheduling an eye catching post the morning of the 4th of July would be the way to go in my case.

A wonderful ad campaign that I’ve seen in this context that conveys this celebratory atmosphere is the video from Chubby’s promoting their swimwear:


I love this video as it has a great party vibe, doesn’t overly objectify the models wearing their clothing line, and does a great job at making their brand seem fun and engaging.

It also accomplishes something fantastic in terms of social media advertising: It’s short and to the point.

You can only expect a few seconds of attention on a feed, especially during a holiday. The video starts with a compelling shot of a girl pranking a guy and pushing him into the pool, and immediately cuts to the company logo. If a viewer sees nothing else, just seeing that shot gets the point across to a viewer within the first four seconds.

The timing, visuals, and messaging of these types of contextual ads are absolutely crucial in telling the story of your brand and engaging consumers. Video like Chubby’s are perfect examples of how to accomplish this.

At WebDetail, we’re expanding our video capabilities and work closely with social media scheduling to accomplish these goals. If getting your branding message across in the same way is important to your brand, we’d love to talk more about making it happen.