Three Huntsville Brands Owning Instagram

Three Huntsville Brands Owning Instagram
Jul 07, 2017 Social Media Marketing

With well over five hundred million daily active users, Instagram has become one of the leading social networks, connecting seven hundred million total users with image and video sharing every day.

In an age of social media that’s often overly negative, it has also become a leader in positivity, becoming a welcoming community of like minded individuals sharing everything from vacation photos to snaps of tonight’s dinner.

Communicating a brand on Instagram has become critical for small businesses too. It can not only show the product or services that a business has to offer, but can be a way to actively connect with the local community and share the personality of the establishment and owners.

With this in mind, we wanted to highlight a few of our local favorites in WebDetail’s hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. We think the following three brands are owning the local market with their Instagram streams and we think there are a lot of great lessons to be learned from their strategies.

Vertical House Records

If you’re looking for the hippest brand on Instagram in Huntsville, look no further than the account held by Vertical House Records. Their stream not only showcases the selection of vinyl records available at their Lowe Mill location, but also conveys the personalities of the owners in a fantastic manner.

Vertical House Records

What we love seeing in this instance are the owners talking regularly with customers. Many of them have questions in the comments, which are quickly replied to and answered.

A constant stream of updates like what Vertical House provides is a critical part of showing off stock from such a specialty store. With stock constantly changing and evolving, communicating specials and rarities to the audience is a great way of communicating what’s available to customers.

Sugar Belle 

One of the advantages of running a cupcake shop out of a truck is that it affords the opportunity for a lot of great travel shots!

The founders of Sugar Belle now have a permanent location on Jordan Lane in Huntsville near the UAH campus, but started their business as a mobile food truck that travels throughout Huntsville delivering favorite selections like Maple Bacon cupcakes and Nitro Coffee.

Sugar Belle Truck

We’re big fans of what Sugar Belle is doing on their Instagram account as it shows off some of the great travel and adventures the founders find themselves in. The example pictured here is fantastic as it showcases some of the neighbors that they’ve found in Google Fiber, and also utilizes a fantastic collaborative promotion with service sign ups.

Alchemy Lounge

While there are tons of amazing offerings in Huntsville when it comes to coffee, there’s one that really stands out to us in terms of their Instagram presence. Alchemy Lounge inhabits a picturesque corner of Lowe Mill’s second floor, and the great design and architecture is represented perfectly on their Instagram stream.

From highlighting the comfy and laid back vibe of their location, to showing off the appealing texture of their menu, Alchemy has found their stride and hit it well in their amazing photography work.

Alchemy Lounge Huntsville

The quality of the photography goes to show the huge advantage of Instagram, delivering photograph-native social media updates to users who are always looking for the next exciting image. It goes to show that a quick snap may work in a pinch, but quality work like theirs can really go the extra mile.

If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level, we think these are some awesome examples of the kind of great marketing that Instagram provides a platform for. Is your brand on Instagram? Do you feel as if it’s being used effectively? If the answer to either of those questions is no, we’d love to help at WebDetail!