Remarketing: What It Is and How It Works

Have you ever noticed how you can browse the internet and then all of a sudden a company seems to be stalking you no matter what site you visit?

Feb 13, 2017 Digital Marketing

Have you ever noticed how you can browse the internet, moving from one website to the next to the next (completely different websites, mind you) and that initial website that you visited seems to be stalking you no matter what site you visit? You see banner ads for their company everywhere.

You’re automatically impressed. After all, to do something like this, they must have an endless advertising budget, right?! However, they don’t actually have to have a huge budget for advertising. The process is simply called remarketing. Impressive, heh? It’s extremely effective for marketers.

If you are not familiar with remarketing at all, or have only heard the term, then here is a quick explanation of the process.

So, What Exactly Is Remarketing?

Also referred to as retargeting, remarketing are banner ads that are designed to target you once you visit a website. So, for example, once you visit (no affiliation) and then leave that site to go to a site like Reddit, you may see a banner ad for The process of how this actually works is more complex, so let’s break it down a bit.

How Exactly Does Remarketing Work?

For your company to be able to use remarketing on its website, you need to implement a JavaScript code into your website (provided via your advertising campaign – Google, Facebook, or another). It will not in any way affect your site’s performance and website visitors will be unable to tell it is there. This code has the ability to put an anonymous cookie on each web visitor’s browser when they visit your website. Then, when they go to another website, your remarketing advertising service provider will automatically know to deliver your company’s advertisement.

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