Snapchat Context Cards: Bringing Local to a New Demographic

Snapchat has released a new feature to their app which is a big game changer in the world of local search - Context Cards.

Oct 12, 2017 Social Media Marketing

Snapchat's New Context Cards: Bringing Local to a New Demographic

This past week, Snapchat has released a new feature to their app which is a big game changer in the world of local search. In an app where photo sharing had been the core feature, local recommendations and location-specific information will now be making its way to Snapchat’s user base of close to 200 million with their new Context Card feature.

What is it?

Snapchat’s new Context Cards brings more specific location to the photo and video sharing app. If a user adds a filter which denotes the location of their post, another user can swipe up to reveal contextual information about that location.

For instance if it’s a restaurant, a user can see a menu, view hours, make a reservation, or even call an Uber car to get a ride there. Reviews of a location can also be viewed within the Context Cards, giving users an idea of whether or not they’d like to pay that location a visit.

Who is it for?

Snapchat has made a stranglehold on the 18 to 30 demographic in recent years, which puts this locally contextual information right in their headlights. This information will now be more accessible to them than ever, making it critically important for location-based businesses to get this information right.

What advantages does it offer?

What’s most impressive and important about this new feature is that it combines this contextual information with word of mouth recommendations. Younger demographics often value the recommendations of friends over other information, and Snapchat is one of the core ways that these younger users made those recommendations to each other. Combined with information that locations can control, this makes for a powerful force for bringing in new foot traffic.

Here at WebDetail we’re keeping a close eye on how this new feature develops. Now more than ever, we believe that getting this local SEO information correct is vitally important for locations like stores and restaurants. Now that this information is becoming front and center to a younger and more tech-savvy demographic, we’re looking forward to making sure that our partners and clients reach them warmly and accurately.

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