Creating a Stellar Brand: 8 Tips to Get the Job Done

Creating a Stellar Brand: 8 Tips to Get the Job Done
Jun 29, 2017 Video Marketing

When it comes time to create your company's brand, you have to think hard about everything. This includes your logo, tag line, color scheme and everything in between. You need to be able to create a brand name that is memorable and a message that is strong, in addition to getting trademarked and other legalities. However, that is just the beginning of getting your brand together. To ensure that you create the most stellar brand, here are eight tips that will help you get the job done:

Tip #1: How Do Others See You?

With your personal brand, the one weird thing is that your brand is made out to be what everyone thinks and says that it is rather than what you say it actually is. With that being said, your first step in building and growing your brand is to understand what others think of you and your business. To do this, you can go to Google and search for yourself, hold a focus group (possibly of some of your closest friends), or by asking a business or life coach to perform a 360 analysis for you.

Tip #2: Create an Online Platform.

Another thing that you need to do is to develop an online platform for yourself. A website or a blog is a good start, as this will be something that you own. Once you have this, you need to begin creating content and engaging with your audience on all of your social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

The thing with all of this is that you don't need to wait until you are safe and sound and perfect. You need to jump in and get started, then start working your way to being perfect.

Here are a few tips that will help you in developing your brand:

  • Always be authentic.
  • Make sure to keep a unique voice.
  • Use a memorable design.
  • Build a list of e-mails.
  • Create a slogan that is memorable, yet one that expresses your overall mission.
  • Always empower your customers.

Oh, and never forget to utilize the power of guest blogging, content marketing and networking.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Brand is a Part of Every Single Thing You Do.

Moving forward, your brand should be a part of everything that you do. It should be a part of your entire life, from the clothes that you wear to the dinner that you eat with your family and/or colleagues. Most importantly, it needs to show in the content that you post on your online blog.

Tip #4: Always Maintain Consistency.

Put yourself in the customer's shoes for a moment. What brands are you loyal to? How have they earned your trust? More than likely, it is because they have been dependable in one way or another. It may also be because of their consistency. As a company, you need to make sure that you are delivering consistent branding, marketing and communication messages. Otherwise, your customers won't view you as dependable.

Tip #5: Remember That Pleasing Everyone Isn't Possible.

Many businesses that are first starting out want to do everything in their power to try to please each and every single one of their customers. However, it is extremely important to understand that this is not possible to do. At some point, someone is going to be unhappy. So, it is easier to go into it knowing that you can't please everyone so you might as well not waste the energy trying. Instead of trying to please everyone, focus on building a successful brand and growing your business.

Tip #6: Make Sure to Produce Value.

No matter what type of product that you have it is important that you are producing value to your customers. Consider asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • What is setting your product or service apart from the competitors?
  • What value can you provide and how is it different from your competitors?
  • How do your products' or services' benefits tap into the emotions of your customers?
  • Does the cost of your product or service make sense for value that it provides for your customers?
  • Is your brand and marketing in sync with one another?

Tip #7: Try to Associate with Only Strong Brands.

Keep in mind that the other brands that you associate with will have a direct impact on your personal brand. In other words, if you associate with weak brands, your own brand will be weakened by those connections. However, if you associate with strong brands, then your brand will be strengthened. Find strong brands to form connections with so that you boost your own brand. A great place to start is the three Cs: college, company and colleagues.

Tip #8: Think Outside of the Box for Brand Awareness Building.

Last, but not least, you need to get started with brand awareness. When doing this, you should try to think outside the box a little bit. Here are some ideas:

  • Set up a referral program.
  • Offer freemium content.
  • Create infographics.
  • Partner with local businesses.
  • Run a contest on social media.
  • Give away swag.
  • Wrap your car with advertisements.
  • Host a podcast.
  • Do a remarketing campaign.
  • Set up PPC advertisements.

If you need help creating a stellar brand that will help grow your business, let us here at WebDetail help you. We have helped many other businesses find their voice, build brand awareness, create their brands, launch marketing campaigns, and more. Contact us today to launch your brand / business!